Our services

Well-child visits

               Regular checkups with a pediatrician can help your children avoid health concerns later in life. When you bring them to our office for a visit, our providers can take the time to get to know your children’s unique health histories. In future visits, our team can monitor changes in your children’s heart, lungs, reflexes and behavior to make sure they are developing at a healthy rate.

Sick-child visits

               If your children wake up with a sore throat or twist an ankle, you want to know you can get them proper care quickly. Our office reserves some same-day and next-day appointment slots for sick or injured patients so we can be available when you need us.


Vaccinations can keep your children from catching preventable diseases such as measles and chicken pox. Our office follows the American Academy of Pediatrics' recommended immunization schedule. If you have questions about specific vaccinations, please call our office.

School, camp and sports physicals

Before your children go to school, join a sports team or attend camp, they will likely need to get a physical examination. Physicals often involve having your children’s blood pressure, height, weight and pulse measured. There also may be a vision test.

You can ask to have a physical exam included with your children’s annual checkups, or you can schedule a separate appointment for the physical.

If you or your children have forms for your provider to complete as part of a physical, please bring those with you to the appointment.

On-site labs and services

Your children’s pediatrician may recommend blood tests or other exams as part of their medical care. If bloodwork is needed, you can have that those tests completed without leaving our office. If your children’s pediatrician requests X-rays or ultrasounds, we can help you arrange those services at a nearby imaging center.